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A meal without suffering

The choice to remove cruelty from the menu


Sentience is the ability to feel and to have positive and negative experiences. To be able to consciously receive and react to a stimulus (intentional behavior). Science considers that at least all vertebrate animals and some mollusks, like the octopus, are sentient. This is an ethical appeal to avoid, whenever possible, their unnecessary suffering.

Animals as machines

The way we have been treating animals in the livestock industry does not consider sentience but only profit. Changing their genetic characteristics, housing them in cages or in closed barns, denying them their natural behavior is to treat animals as machines that produce food, when, in fact, they are conscious individuals with own will.

Reflect and join us

Reflecting on eating habits can have a very positive outcome for animals, the environment and your health. Such a reflection can change your behavior, aligning your consumption with your beliefs. This awareness can be satisfactory for yourself, as well as being an example for others. Every bit of effort counts!

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A meal without suffering

The choice to remove cruelty from the menu

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