About Alianima

For a more ethical society for all sentient beings and ecosystems.

Alianima is an animal and environmental protection organization that aims to reduce the suffering of non-human animals and curb the degradation of our ecosystems.


We act systematically in defense of animals and the environment through action and educational projects, using insights from civil society on ethical consumption that respects the way of life of all sentient beings while respecting the environmental balance.


Por uma sociedade mais ética com todos os seres sencientes e os ecossistemas.


Considering that other species are also sentient, that is, capable of suffering, we argue that the interests of humans are not the only ones that have to be taken into consideration. A just and compassionate society includes animals as morally relevant beings and not just as tools or property.

Effective pragmatism

Although we are against all forms of animal exploitation and objectification, we focus on actions against practices that cause relatively more suffering, with the aim of promoting gradual improvements for animals in the short and medium term, even if this does not lead to ideal results immediately. We are dealing, as we speak, with billions of animals in critical situations and small advances can make a huge difference in their lives.


We must always take a constructively critical look at our habits and lifestyle in order to align them with the availability of resources, while considering their impact on other individuals (human or not). By understanding that we are directly responsible for the consequences of our actions, we can make better decisions, whether it is the consumption of food, clothes, entertainment or the interaction with nature.


We are a team of multidisciplinary professionals working on issues of animal and environmental protection. We are supported by a broad network of organizations and institutions that endorse our cause. We adopt a biocentric perspective to our projects and we rely on scientific knowledge to plan our actions.


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