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Coherent consumption

Supporting the cause you believe in

All consumption has a positive or negative impact and being aware of this allows you to make more conscious decisions that are consistent with your worldview.

A suggestion to assess the impact is to ask yourself the following questions:

Do I need this product?

How was this product made? (production system, inputs, waste generated)

By whom was this product made? (labor, working conditions)

Where was this product made and how did it get here?

What is the durability of the product?

How to dispose of the waste of this product? (recycling, reverse logistics, composting)

There are also some ways to reduce the impact:

Consume only what you need.

Give preference to small producers.

Avoid waste and unnecessary debt.

Re-use products and packaging.

Separate your waste.

In some cases, you may not know all the answers and that is fine! That is part of the journey to become a conscious consumer! Just having read this far was already a good step. Now, beyond knowing these questions and ways to reduce your impact, you can continue your reflection by including the concept of biocentrism, the idea that all forms of life have equal importance and that no species is superior.

To continue this journey, the question remains:
how does your consumption relate to other forms of life?

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