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Nourishing healthy habits

Food that saves lives

Food and health are frequently related topics. What, how and when we eat has a direct influence on the nutrient absorption process. Trying to understand these issues can be extremely beneficial for your quality of life. Find out the health benefits of a plant-based diet here.


Less chance of heart attack and hypertension.

As a plant-based diet contains low levels of saturated fats and no cholesterol, it reduces the risk of blocked veins and arteries that cause heart attacks. There is also a tendency towards lower sodium consumption in plant-based diets, which reduces cases of hypertension. * ¹


Lower blood sugar levels

A higher intake of vegetables, whole grain foods and nuts has been associated with a much lower risk of insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and better glycemic control. * ¹


Risk reduction of some forms of cancer

Studies show the risk of colorectal and prostate cancer is higher in those people who consume meat. Fruits and vegetables have a powerful antioxidant, anti-proliferative and cancer-protecting effect. * ¹


Lower consumption of pesticides

Pesticides that are widely used in soybean and corn production for animal feed accumulate in milk and animal tissue, mainly in animal fat, and consequently end up ingested by humans. This happens to a greater extent than in the case of the intake of vegetables, even if grown with pesticides*⁴. One example of a pesticide is glyphosate, which affects the human hormonal system, increases the possibility of genetic mutations and increases the risk of cancer. * ²


No unnecessary antibiotic intake

The frequent use of antibiotics to promote growth and prevent diseases in animals contributes to the development of super bacteria. The WHO recommends to discontinue this use of antibiotics to preserve them for cases that concern human health. * ³


Body care

Consumers of animal based food tend to have a higher body mass index. A higher fiber intake from fruits and vegetables is an ally in weight control. * ¹


Suitable for all stages of life and for athletes

A well-planned plant-based diet, which may include nutrient supplements, is appropriate for both athletes as well as in all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation period, childhood and adolescence. Special care is required to ensure adequate vitamin B12 intake. * ¹

*¹ Parecer da Academia de Nutrição e Dietética Americana de 2009, clique aqui (em inglês)
*² Atlas da Carne (Fundação Heinrich Böll Brasil 2016) – https://br.boell.org/pt-br/2016/08/29/atlas-da-carne-publicacao-reune-fatos-e-numeros-sobre-os-animais-que-comemos
*³ Diretrizes da OMS sobre o uso de antimicrobianos de importância médica em animais destinados a produção de alimentos. –https://www.who.int/foodsafety/areas_work/antimicrobial-resistance/cia_guidelines/en/
*4 MELLO, I. N. K. de., SILVEIRA, W. F. da. Resíduos de agrotóxicos em produtos de origem animal. Acta Veterinaria Brasilica, Viçosa, v. 6, n. 2, p.94-104, 2012.      https://periodicos.ufersa.edu.br/index.php/acta/article/view/2383

It is worth mentioning that given the relevance of food to our health, nutritional advice should be provided by professionals in this field.

So, if you want to contribute to your health and quality of life, consider reducing or eliminating the consumption of meat, milk, and eggs. It is an effective way to minimize your impact and act according to your beliefs!

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Nourishing healthy habits

Food that saves lives

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