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Fun for whom?

Visiting zoos or aquariums, taking pictures with wild animals, going to shows involving animals or practicing recreational fishing: there are many ways of using non-human animals for the entertainment of our own species. Practices that may seem harmless at first sight, but that reveal web of exploitation, torture and deprivation from the animal’s perspective.

Some ways of using animals for entertainment:

In the context of entertainment, wild/exotic animals are removed from their natural habitat and directly inserted into a new reality of captivity.

How do animals suffer?

Don't promote practices that contribute to the loss of biodiversity and feeds the perversity of animal trafficking.

For this practice to come to an end, Alianima acts directly to raise awareness with tourists and agents in the sector, proposing a more conscious form of tourism in Brazilian and the international context.

Make a difference: be a responsible tourist

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Responsible tourism

Do not finance animal exploitation for tourism

Hunting and trafficking

Their place is in the natural habitat.

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