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We should be able to bear the truth.

Who are the Farm Animals?

Farm animals are animals raised for the purpose of human consumption.
Beware that this goes beyond meat production, as it also includes animals raised for their milk, eggs, honey, leather, silk and wool.


1.4 billion



382.4 million kg


172.7 million


39.3 million


15.6 million


15.3 million


13.8 million


8.3 million

Ducks, geese, garganey

3.8 million


950.2 thousand


200.3 thousand


13.8 thousand

Source: IBGE – Agricultural Census 2017 – Brazil stats

Why do we work with these categories?

Unfortunately, the world is not going to turn vegan overnight (we encourage everyone to try though). Yet the lives of animals that are unnecessarily suffering today in factory farming matter. As such we believe that it is more efficient to aim to reduce their suffering (and we know how), making at least some improvements in a relatively short period, than to ban animal exploitation in livestock production altogether. We will not be satisfied with less cruelty and suffering, we are just walking one step at a time.

Changes that may seem too small could in fact make a huge difference in the lives of each of them. Remember that we are talking about millions of lives every year in Brazil alone. Think about it!

By working with Animal Welfare to reduce suffering, won't it make this exploitation more acceptable for the society?

No. As consumers pressure producers and industry to be more transparent and ethical in their treatment of animals, our society will gradually realize that any unnecessary suffering is simply unjustifiable, however small it may be. Many people consume animal products without actually knowing how the animals are treated, or because they do not know the alternatives available. In our persistent dialogue with producers, industry and consumers we aim to tear down these barriers for more compassionate and sustainable policies and practices.

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