Laying hens

Don't you feel pitty?

Egg production in Brazil

46 billion

eggs produced

171 million



of them raised in cages

*Reference Year 2019 / Source IBGE 2020

Battery Cages

Almost all chickens raised to produce eggs for human consumption live their entire productive lives in cages. These cages are piled up in rows and columns (that is why they are called “battery” cages) for an optimal use of the space in warehouses. This type of breeding system maximizes profits, as it requires less space, less labor and facilitates management (cleaning, feeding and egg collection).
However, it disregards that the chickens suffer a lot in these conditions:


There is a global movement for banning battery cages.

Check out how other countries are addressing this issue:

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Laying hens

Don't you feel pitty?


Not only are they sentient, but also very intelligent and they need help.


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Corporate accountability

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