Not only are they sentient, but also very intelligent and they need help.

Understand the situation and the evolution of pork production in Brazil

Pork production

3,983 million tons

2 million

breeding sows housed

750 thousand tons exported

Brazil is the

4th largest pork producer and exporter

in the world

Source: Brazilian Association of Animal Protein 2019

Gestation crates: what are they?

To be more profitable, producers put the sows in individual crates, which are practically the same size as their bodies. The result: they cannot walk around, not even turn around! In addition to space efficiency, this type of system requires less labor and facilitates taking care of these animals (health, feeding, heat detection and insemination).

The cruelty of using these crates is clear. Not just the discomfort, but also the fact that the sows, which are sentient and very intelligent animals, are unable to socialize, explore the environment and build a nest. Their low activity generates locomotor problems (lameness), urogenital problems, muscular atrophy and behavioral disorders.

Treatment of piglets: in pain already at birth

In addition to breeding sows, another critical point in pig farming is the treatment of piglets shortly after birth. It is very common to perform intensely painful procedures without anesthesia or aftercare (analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs, for example), such as:

Are there alternatives?

Several farms have already started to adopt animal welfare practices, such as housing the sows in large pens together with others during the gestation period, using anesthetics before the procedures mentioned above, or using non-painful alternatives like immunocastration or trimming teeth instead of clipping.


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Not only are they sentient, but also very intelligent and they need help.


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