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frangos sem cortes


Do you know how the most consumed
meat in Brazil is produced?

frangos sem cortes


Brazilian chicken meat production

  • de frangos abatidos por ano

    0 bi

    chickens slaughtered per year

  • maior produtor do mundo


    largest producer in the world

  • maior exportador do mundo


    largest exporter in the world

Source: ABPA 2023 - reference year 2022

why care about chickens?

The most commonly raised terrestrial species for human consumption is subjected to terrible conditions in confined systems.

When the industry operates on a large scale to produce the cheapest meat, animals pay a steep price.

learn about the main problems
in chicken meat production

what can be improved?

  • More space & enriched environment

    - Reduce overcrowding
    - Never use cages or multi-level systems
    - Provide perches or platforms, and material for pecking
    - Provide daily periods of (natural) light and darkness for birds to rest
    - Monitor and control air quality

    Mais espaço & ambiente enriquecido
  • Rational use of antibiotics and healthier genetics

    - Only for the treatment of diseases
    - Adopt breeds that demonstrate better animal welfare results

    Uso racional de antibióticos & genética mais saudável
  • Improved slaughter methods

    - Use effective and painless stunning methods
    - Avoid live inversion

    Melhor método de abate


Alianima works to improve the lives of broilers.

To achieve this, we work collaboratively with producers, the food industry and government authorities, ensuring animal welfare policies that address the points above.

All of our work has a technical-scientific basis, supported by a team of experts specialized in animal welfare.

Learn about some of our approaches:

  • Negotiation with companies to publish broiler welfare commitments
  • Free training on broiler welfare for companies (schedule here)
  • Development of technical materials
  • Lectures at Universities (schedule here)
Observatório Animal

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