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galinhas livres de gaiolas

laying hens

Are you aware of the hidden truths behind conventional egg production?

galinhas livres de gaiolas


Egg production in Brazil

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    eggs produced per year

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  • delas criadas dentro de gaiolas


    of them raised in cages

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aren't you

Almost all hens raised to produce eggs for human consumption spend their entire lives in stacked cages (battery cages).

This type of farming prioritizes only economic efficiency, disregarding the fact that birds suffer greatly in these conditions.

the suffering of hens
in battery cages

Understand once and for all the
difference between the types of farming:


Alianima works to get hens out of cages.

To achieve this, we work collaboratively with producers, the food industry and government authorities, ensuring animal welfare policies that promote the exclusive use and sale of cage-free eggs.

All of our work has a technical-scientific basis, supported by a team of experts specialized in animal welfare.

Learn about some of our approaches:

Observatório Animal

conscious consumers demand more transparent industries

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Your collaboration strengthens our work in favor of animals.

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