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20 de December, 2023

Alianima promotes responsible and conscious activism at VegFest 2023

Alianima promove ativismo responsável e consciente no VegFest 2023

Alianima, a non-profit organization dedicated to defending farm animals, participated for the first time in VegFest, one of the main vegan events in the Americas. There were more than 100 exhibitors and dozens of national and international speakers, with a rich and diverse program that embraced all elements of the vegan movement, from health, politics, technology, entertainment, animal rights and environmental issues.

Responsible Activism: Dialogue and Scientific Information

Alianima’s stand at VegFest promoted more responsible activism, using scientific arguments to talk to participants about living conditions and the treatment of animals in industrial food production. The organization emphasizes the importance of promoting positive change through informed approaches.

Campaigns in Focus and Social Media Awareness

During the event, Alianima distributed informative flyers about its campaigns, “Cage Free Chickens”, “Fish Feel”, “Pigs in the Family” and “Chickens Without Cuts”, which respectively deal with promoting the welfare of laying hens, fish, pigs and broilers in the context of livestock farming. In addition, the stand provided a dedicated space for participants to share their involvement in the fight for animal rights on social media.

Alianima’s Fundamental Principles:

Antispeciesism: Alianima argues that all species of sentient animals deserve moral consideration. A just and compassionate society recognizes the interests of these individuals, not treating them as mere tools or property.

Effective Pragmatism: The organization prioritizes action against the worst practices in livestock farming, seeking gradual improvements for animals in the short and medium term. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Alianima believes that small advances make a difference in the lives of billions of animals in critical conditions.

Self-responsibility: Alianima emphasizes the importance of a critical analysis of habits and lifestyles, seeking to make them more coherent with the availability of resources and aware of the impacts on other individuals. Self-responsibility extends to food, clothing, entertainment and interaction with nature.

Socio-environmental Justice: Alianima recognizes that building a fairer world involves tackling social inequalities. The organization supports family farming, strands of eco-feminism and the dignified treatment of native peoples, while condemning environmental racism and nutricide.

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